Halloween Horror Nights Now Open

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando raises the bar each year by creating all-new, terrifying experiences that entertain guests from all over the world. The Universal Orlando event was recently named “the country’s best Halloween event” for the fifth consecutive year by Amusement Today!This year, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando guests will encounter ground-breaking, horrifying experiences: 

  • All-new haunted houses featuring movie-quality sets, including four houses based on some of pop culture’s biggest icons: AMC’s hit television series “The Walking Dead;” popular video game and motion picture franchise “Silent Hill;” the bad boys of magic, Penn & Teller; and legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper. Plus, three brand new original houses featuring a daunting European cathedral (Gothic); a bone-chilling apparition-filled house (Dead End); and Universal’s classic monsters as if they have stepped right out of the silver screen (House of Horrors).
  • A completely reinvented Halloween Horror Nights street experience that will unleash scareactors in an all-new, terrifying way. Roaming legions of menacing beasts, vampires, prisoners, warriors and more will find you in every corner of the park. There will be no boundaries. There will be no escape.  There will be no safe zone so plan accordingly.
  • Two outrageous shows, including the return of the popular Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and brand new this year, The 20 Penny Circus, featuring “magic for people with questionable taste.”
  • Throughout the night, the Universal Studios Lagoon will play host, visually, to several horrifying tributes complete with choreographed fountains, lasers and light. From its murky depths, atmospheric homages to Alfred Hitchcock, the Universal Classic Monsters, Alice Cooper and The Child’s Play series will invade your senses as you attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.
Halloween Horror Nights 22 Lagoon Show

Halloween Horror Nights 22 Lagoon Show

Halloween Horror Nights begins at 6:30 p.m. and runs select nights through October 31.  To book your trip to Universal Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights, email heather@beourguestdestinations.com or call (800)796-6240 today!


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